Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Patch Badonkablogger

Bumped into one of my old friends last night. We kind of lost touch when he got married. He's divorced now and pretty much the same way he was 6 years ago when we used to hang out. He used to go out with Monica Potter before she was a big celebrity. She's not A list, but since she's from around here, locals adores her. She had a big ass last time I saw her. Lots of cute friends though.

My phone won't stop ringing. It keeps coming across as private number, so I won't answer it. They won't leave a voice mail either. I figured they would get the point sooner or later, but it's been like that for two days. They say persistence pays off, I have to disagree.

This bloggins is getting boring, and I actually have a bunch of shit to do here. Maybe that means its time to look for a new job with someone who will pay a lot of money. I talk a good game of shit and make a strong first impression. Then I get in and do nothing. That works well for me though. Pretty much the story of my life. F*ck the marathoners, I'm the sprinter.


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