Monday, August 09, 2004

Interview With A Badonkablogger

The soft mellow glow of fluorescent overhead office lighting. After a weekend of boating, I find it immensely difficult to come in and stare at this monitor. The soft low hum of the lights is driving me crazy. For about 30 minutes this morning, I unplugged everything in my office and turned everything off. It was peaceful.

Then the reality we call life kicked in.

I went out of my way to try and understand this fascination with NASCAR. One of my sun goddesses brought her friend along this weekend, and she happen to be a huge NASCAR fan. So for the sake of curiousity and big boobs, I queried her fascination on the topic. She started to explain it to me, and by some genetic malfuction of my body, every word she said failed to even register a thought in my head. It was as if she was talking, but the mute button was on. I could tell she was very passionate about what she was defending. Somewhere in the muted stated I was in, something broke though and I began to hear her again. Apparently this 24 year old was on her third boob job. She underwent her first one at 18 and went from a B cup to a big C. Next up 22, to a D, now, she's happy with her 34DD's. They look good on her. She probably has a 22 or 24 inch waist, so they aren't overly huge, but big enough to draw attention to her tiny frame. God bless plastic surgery.

I kept trying to get one of the ladies to write a big N and W on their butt cheeks. I wanted them to plaster that, and bend over so I could take a picture, and honor my NOW friends who I have to deal with every work day. I could only imagine the tongue lashing I would get if I had a photo of that in my office.

My dock neighbor was finally out again this weekend. He's been busy with family affairs lately. I enjoy talking to him, but mostly I miss seeing his gorgeous wife. She's held up well after marriage and two kids. She's a good woman, treats him well, does pretty much everything he wants, but it's obvious he is bored with her. He kept joking around about swapping her for one of my sun goddesses. I just told him if he can get the sun goddess, take her. The grass is always greener on the other side. I can't stress this enough. Maybe I just suffer from chronic depression, or maybe I just sucked in too many exhaust fumes this weekend. I burned through 400 gallons of fuel and we spent the entire night Friday docked. All day Saturday we just trolled about. The girls wanted to go au natural, so we idled around most of the day.

I'm still on the boat. I can't concentrate at all. I guess I'll juts close my door and take a nap until 5.

Live long and prosper,


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