Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Citizen Badonkablogger

God bless the internet. I'm lucky enough that I never had to have a job without access to it. I can't imagine how people wasted the first couple hours of their day before the internet. You can't exactly read the newspaper at your desk without people noticing. The first two hours of the work day are generally only good for getting some breakfast and catching up on news.

That brings up another point. What good are newspapers anymore? Even the evening news? By the time people read or watch the respective media, it is old news. You almost have to be a 24 hour news station so that you can report the breaking news as it happens. The local crap just gets the feeds from the AP and Reuters... it's fairly evident. I used to bang a local newscaster and she was a riot. She'd always be practicing her delivery. That's the most important thing. Not what you say, but how you say it. At the time it was all useless dribble to me, I just wanted her to take her shirt off so I could get at those big milkbags. I guess I can see some validation in what she said.


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